standard-title MATERIALS USED


The two primary materials used to seal secure environments are:

• Polyethylene
• Cocoon


  • SMB has comprehensive knowledge:
Polyethelene and Cocoon features
• Keeps dust and sand out
• Keeps hanger clean
• Keeps water and leaks out
• Keeps dry air inside, and moist air outside
• Dehumidifier runs economical, filters stay clean
• Keeps relative humidity between 40% and 50% 24 hours daily
• As long as the system is maintained, the equipment will stay in the same condition for 10-20 years or longer


  • Evaluation of Polyethelene:
• Water vapour and air penetrability is virtually zero
• Easy to repair after damages have occurred
• Easy to apply, material is five times lighter than PVC
• Strong


  • Description of Cocoon
• High grade, sprayable plastic
• Quick drying and can be applied efficiently and clearly
• Forms a dry, tough, seamless skin
• Elasticity spans the item being stored
• Protect the item against the adverse effects of the weather and wind
• Skin is protected against damp, mould and chemical influences
• UV resistant
• Resistant to sea-water, sand storms, air pollution, bacteria, alkalis, oils, grease, alcohol, and most industrial acids
• Cocoon can be stretched to 2.5 times its original lengh and thereafter it assumes its normal shape without losing its original shape
• Self-extinguishing, does not support combustion
• Resistant to temperatures ranging between -420C to +850C
• Seamless finish
• Easily repaired after many years
• Initial 10 year warranty against UV damage
• After ten years another layer of Cocoon may be applied with a further 10 year warrantee against UV damage